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    Are you searching for the evozi apps to download the apk directly from the play store. There are many apps in the internet to provide the free apk files but if you want to use the play store then you must see the evozi like apps and get the best of them.

    If you are searching for some game or for an application in internet for your android smartphone then you must go to the google play store and then download it. For each and every application you must and should need to download from play store.

    But there are other apps in the internet that will provide you with the apk files from the play store. That is you can visit these apps and get the apk files directly on your android phone.


    Below are some of the apps like evozi to download he direct apk file from the google play store. Simply have a look at these apps and select the one that suits for you.


    GetApk is an application that extracts all your installed apps. You can easily get the third party installers with this app. It is also used for backup and sharing. This is a very simple and reliable app.

    Many of the users, rather than using the other apps they started using the getapk and use unlimited downloads of other apps. You can even download the games with this application. Once if you select the multiple games you can install all of them with one single click.

    Some of its Features includes that it Extract Apks from installed apps and also generates the play store links. You can even send apk files via bluetooth. This app can be installed on android version 4 and more. Once you get the apk you can even check it with the md5 checker which will let you know whether you apk file is broken or not. With this is any file is corrupted then it can be very easily known to.


    Apk Installer is one of the quick way to find and get the install apk files from your mobile SDCARD. This application extracts all the installed apps on your device and allows you for sharing too.

    The main advantage of this apk installer is that, it shows the correct apk files and if a file is corrupted it will show you the warning. You will have a chance to skip the corrupted file easily. You can even scan the apk file that you have downloaded on your external storage.

    This app will also display the total apk files that you have downloaded and install the apk files with a single click. You can even have an option to delete the apk files from the external storage and also on the SD Card. You can search the file by its name. It will also warns you with the free memory space that is available on the device.


    Apk Download is a top evozi app for the people who wants to have the latest games and apps on their device. This app is a huge gallery of all the top apps and games in the market.

    This application is having different categories and contents in it. It is infact a free mobile application with which we can quickly access the play store games and apps in the market, directly to your android.

    This free application allows you to download the apk’s, scan the apk file that you have downloaded either in your android or from any other external device. You can install the apk files and also remove the multiple apk files with a click. You can even share the apk file that you have downloaded with your friends and family. You will have the complete apk file status from this application. This app is not an alternative to play store but you can get all apks from the play store.


    AC Market is of the best evozi app to get the apk file directly on to your device. This application acts as a marketplace which is having the collection of huge number of apps and games.

    Actually every app which is of popular will be available for the paid version. But some people simply downloads the paid versions and they keep it for free in the marketplace apps. So you can get access to those paid apps for free from these applications.

    And if you click on the app you will directly get the apk file on your device. This is a best evozi app which simply gives to the direct files of a appliaction or a game with a single click. If you choose these types of app then it will save your memory on your devices.


    Device ID is one of the best simple evozi app that will make your device to get the local IP and MAC address and allows you to download multiple apps and games on your device.

    With this app you can easily share and copy the device ID of your mobile and change it. Once you change the IP address, this app will give you a new location. With that you can get multiple apps on your device. This application is ideal for the customers and developers. And the users can use it for any time.

    The main thing in this app is that, it doesn’t send your ID to the internet, so your information is completely safe. Even when you prefer with your network connections, this app will simply restrict you to stop sharing your IP. This is a top evozi app to share in any device.

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    These are the best evozi apps landing on your device, if you think there are any other best evozi apps that will perform more than these, then you can simply share with us, we will also include those applications. If you have any queries regarding these apps simply comment us below. Keep visiting TechFries for more information.


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