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Are you looking for the most standard and top scientific calculator app for your respective device? If your answer is yes, then here are the best scientific calculator app lists provided in the form of step by step. Just simply looking forward to the details, one can pick and access it very well.

Before moving to the lists of scientific calculator apps, how it can be useful or what level of the standard are ready to go with the usage of the respective scientific calculator. Well, for solving the concepts like powers, roots, algorithms, exponential functions, and much more can be greatly solved through it.

No more physical device to be carried down and perform such functions in solving the problems. For time being there are several such apps available at the play store itself which can be downloaded further and accessed accordingly.  So, therefore, here we go with the list of such wonderful and useful apps right here.


There are various scientific calculator app lists supported by iphone/ windows/ also android OS. One can pick any from the lists provided below. This is why all the apps can greatly help in solving power, exponential problems,  algorithms and much more in a very short period of time.

  • Panecal Scientific Calculator
  • Classic Calculator app
  • Natural Scientific Caculator
  • Calculator One
  • Calculator²


This is one of the best scientific calculator apps which is very much compatible with Android and iOS very well. It all uses the correct mathematical formulas for solving problems in a single instance. Also, the user has a chance to check the input mistakes if any through this particular app.


This supports functions like editing and recalculations of formulas is very much possible through it. And therefore, through these formulas, any problem is calculated very fast and accurate enough. Features like a cut, copy, paste the text, font size settings, units conversion and much more were greatly supported by it.

Get Panecal Scientific Calculator app for Android

Get Panecal Scientific Calculator app for iphone


The app is designed in such a way where one can operate this particular calculator at any level irrespective of time and place. This is highly rated and preferred by millions of users even today. The features it has and the structure it looks turns into a perfect choice for ever-higher school/ college students, and future engineers.


Features like copy clipboard, multi-skin, percentages, memories, fixed-point display modes, degrees, minutes, seconds, adjustable size digit and much more were included in it. In simple and short, one can say it is designed with a simple user interface where anybody can access in all these days.

Get Classic Calculator App for Android

Get Classic Calculator App for iPhone


This is one of the easy calculator app supported by both iOS and Android operating systems. Today is you see there are millions of users accessing this particular app without stepping back. It is equally used for various students and the professors in a more successful way.


Features like Trigonometry, Exponential, Logarithm and other benefits like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division respectively. If you are one among them who really preferring to access this amazing application on the respective device, tap on the below link.

Get Natural Scientific Calculator App for Android

Get Natural Scientific Calculator App iPhone


This works in terms of both normal as well as a scientific calculator without any fail. It has come with a simple user interface and any person can go and access it in a single instance. all the calculations performed through this application is very simple and easy.


So, therefore, use the simple calculator for performing all your normal calculations and witch to scientific whenever you are in need. Functions like power, root, or geometric calculations can be solved through this particular windows app very easy and fast enough.

Get Calculator One App for Windows


Well, while getting back with Calculator² application, is designed well and dedicated to all the students and professors respectively. The app is available for free and if you see today, tons of single users are going with this without making the second opinion.


This includes various functions and constants which in turn make or perform any calculation very much easy when you compare with other apps. Not only the windows but also the app is available on the google play store and app store that can be accessed wonderfully through Android smartphones in a more successful way.

Get Calculator² Scientific Calculator App for Windows

Get Calculator² Scientific Calculator App for Android

Get Calculator² Scientific Calculator App for iphone

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As per my thoughts, the apps associated with irrespective of the device is discussed here. If you like to learn more app, just mention in the following rectangular section. So that we help and reach you accordingly. If you like the article share with friends and also through any of the social networking sites right away. Thank you. Keep connected with TechFries for learning more interesting apps supported by multiple devices.

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Want to know about the wishlist app for your device which can create all the wish lists and choose the best one for you. Now a days the online shoppings are becoming more and popular to buy anything like clothes, books, electronics etc from your home. And if you want to send a gifts to your friends or family then these best wishlist apps will help you. You can create all the lists of gifts and then send to them without repeating them.

The wishlists apps for android or ios will make your work to be done easily. You can easily create a wishlist of all your basic requirements and send notifications to them. You can easily remove the re gifts so that you can simply filter the gifts that you already have.


Wishlist application will easily let you create and list all of your favourite items and then sort from them. Basically you don’t know exactly what your friends needs so this applications will help to sort of the best items for you.


Here we are going to share wishlist applications for android and iphone, that will help you to create all types of the wishlists that you want to have. This application will simply help you to create the lists for weddings, shoppings, birthdays etc.


Wishupon is one of the best wishlist app for android and ios that helps you to create your shopping wishlist easily. This app is having more than 1000 different stores which can easily get your favourite list from online. This is a wishlist app android that can used very easily. You can save all your wish lists from one place in online shopping and when ever the product is available it shows you alerts.


There is no need to take the screenshot or to add to bookmarks. You can create and share in the social networking sites like Instagram and twitter for free. You will have a option to browse thousands of online stores and you can save it on your web browsers also.

Download Wishupon App From Google Play Store For Android

Download Wishupon App From iTunes For iOS


Wish explorer is the new version of the shopping wish list application that allows you to create all your requirements in a single click. Your needs will be saved on the store in your android and ios. This application allows you to share the wishes with your friends and family and present the best gift for them. This app is having the best feature to make your own opinion and compare them.


This app wish explorer is designed as the wishlist app iphone and it compares the products in all the best online stores.  It is available for the mobile and desktop and is fast synchronized to manage the shopping lists and wishes.

Wish explorer Download From Google Play Store

Wish explorer Download from iTunes


Wishworks is one of the best wishlist app that was developed for the android and ios users. This app allows the users to easily build their own wishlist on their smartphone and share them with their friends and family. The main feature of this application is that you can easily browse any of the product from different websites. Once you browse the products you will find the one that is with less price.


The application can be used for different occasions. Along with this, it allows you to easily make your cheerful birthdays with your friends and beloved ones. You can easily save the money with this app and you will have the great customer experience too.

Download Wishworks App From Play Store

Download Wishworks From iTunes


Estimate is the wishlist app android that can easily used for ios devices too. This application was developed by the DanWakeem. It is a simple app that is used to create the shopping list and share the list from any where with any one. You can use this app as calculator app in order to calculate the expenses too. This application gives you the full details what you need.


This app is having a main feature that with the barcode scanner you can easily identify the price of the product. You will be easily fixed to the budget of shopping and when the price increases, it will let you know with the alerts.

Download Estimate App from Play Store

Download Estimate App from iTunes

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Flashlight Apps: Flashlight is the most common thing we see on smartphones. Either the user goes with an Android mobile or the iPhone, there are tons of applications available today. If you see the flashlight has multiple uses and applicable for multiple things irrespective of time and place.

Moreover, these apps can be used on your mobile without facing any kind of issues. They possess minimum permissions which are already accepted by all your smartphones. People who were not satisfied with the default light available on your device can go with these top trending flashlight apps without having a second thought.


Below we have come with the list of top trending flashlight apps provided in the form of bullet lists. Let us go deal with each and every app, analyze and pick the best suitable and compatible with your device very well. Seeing the features and other details one can easily pick and use the respective flashlight accordingly.


As discussed!!! Here we go with various top trending and most compatible third-party flashlight apps provided in a clear and better understandable format.

  • Brightest Flashlight
  • Super Bright LED Flashlight
  • Color Flashlight
  • Flashlight for iPhone + iPad
  • Flashlight
  • Best Flash Light – Flashlight

Well, by seeing the above lists, it is the time to choose top rated flashlight apps for all your device successfully. Here we go.


The brightest flashlight app is the most trending and highly rated app accessed by millions of users without any fail. It is available for free. One can turn on all the available lights on one respective device only. The camera flash is all about high standard and audio effects are available at the start and stop keys respectively.


Features like the screen at the maximum light, soft keys, notification LED, automatic timer exists setting up for 2 minutes and much more were greatly supported. If you are looking for the best brightest flashlight app, picking up this is very much suitable or compatible enough.

Get Brightest flashlight App Right Here


This is one of the best among various flashlight apps for Android available today. The main aim behind the usage of this particular app is delivering light with full standard and strong comparatively. Even though there are so many flashlight apps available and compatible with Android, this is something best than others.


This is one of the best among various flashlight apps for Android available today. The main aim behind the usage of this particular app is delivering light with full standard and strong comparatively. Even though there are so many flashlight apps available and compatible with Android, this is something best than others.

Get Super Bright LED Flashlight Right Here


Till now we have seen various flashlight apps with one common color. But this is something special which delivers multiple colors blowing through it. So, therefore, turn your mobile with the default or boring flashlight. And use this particular color flashlight that brightens the mobile and helps you very well.


However, highly rated and can be used irrespective of place and time. Also, there are various effects involved in it. Features like screen brightness, camera LED, and much more were available in it. Effects like a normal flash, color flash with useful light effects, emergency light and much more were greatly supported in it.

Get Color Flashlight Right Here


In short, one can say this as multifunctional and most simple flashlight supported by all the iPhone and iPad devices respectively. Has come with the features like different skin options possessing simple mode, disco mode and much more were greatly involved in it.


It is available for free and accessed by over millions of users even today. Just simply click on the power button and use irrespective of place and time in a more successful way. Maintaining performance stability is the great feature it has. Therefore, click on the below link to get the app right immediately.

Get Flashlight for iPhone + iPad Right Here


A flashlight which is a fast, simple, bright and highly functional app available for all the iOs devices. This also has come with a compass determining all the way, especially at the darkness. That means the app has come with a small map helping out in identifying the right direction with no fail.


Features like LED control with high brightness, always on compass, maintaining strobe mode with at least 10 frequencies, and much more were 100% supported through this particular application. If you are one looking for the simple and best flashlight apps, tap on the below link right away.

Get Flashlight App for iPhone Right Here


This is one more top trending flashlight supported by iOS. This consists of a very good front camera with high-quality video zoom respectively. One can say this as the fastest. brightest flashlight compatible with all your iPhone devices with no involvement of bugs.


Having light plus video zoom view is the best and one of the special feature provided by this particular app. Features like instant light, front light with video, battery indicator, energy saving light and much more were involved in it. Any user who is using an iPhone can go for this with no second thought.

Get Best Flashlight for iPhone users Right Here


The tiny flashlight + LED app is a simple and best flashlight app with a LED light and many screen modes. There are many free plugins like strobe and blinking lights. This flashlight app is one of the best productivity tools for the device.

This is one of the top flashlight app that is available in the market. It is completely free and provides the full brightness when your are using the app. This application is always available when you are using it. This is the most optimized and reliable app that saves your battery.

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Now a days, there are so many best workout apps to maintain fitness. There might be various fitness centers available all over the world. And also there are millions of users who prefer these centers especially to be healthy and stay fit. But what about the people who were totally busy with the work they do on a day to day life? Well, for such query here is an absolute solution.

Not only the fitness centers help away, but also there are millions of best workout apps that are greatly supported by Android and iOS very well. If you like to maintain and prefer to stay fit, these apps are going to help you greatly. The only thing you have to get the best workout apps for weight loss.


Once you have picked up one particular app that is compatible with your respective device, can start your workout without stepping back. Follow the rules, terms, conditions and the plan with the proper schedule provided by the app and get fit starting from today itself.


Well, now its time to learn and pick the one best workout app bodybuilding to loss all our weight and be healthy all the time. Just simply go through the details provided below.

  • Stronglifts 5×5 workouts
  • MevoFit
  • Workout Trainer: Fitness Couch
  • Sworkit

Therefore, pick the best you like to go with right immediately.


This is what considered as weight lifting and gym workout log. It is supported and compatible with both iOS and Android operating system. Also, one can say this as one of the best effective workouts planners, tracker to get more stronger, exercise timer, and build muscle respectively.


Whoever accesses this particular app should perform three exercises three times a week and 45 minutes per performing one workout. If you see today, this is one of the trendy apps and accessed by millions of users. Therefore, in order to get this amazing app, just simply tap on the below link.

Download Best Workout Apps Like Stronglifts 5×5 workouts for Android

Download Best Workout Apps iPhone Like Stronglifts 5×5


This is simply considered as weight loss, a fitness tracker app supported by both iOS and Android operating system. All this app greatly includes diet plans, healthy recipes, food tips and much more through this particular app. Whatever device or platform you use, if you see today this app is accessed by millions of users.


Also, while getting back with a workout, includes 500+ workouts, 20+ yoga, and many other tips respectively. Therefore, through this particular app, get fit, change the lifestyle or else start the low-calorie diet program to lose weight and therefore, whoever access this particular app love it rather than any other.

Get Best Workout Apps Like MevoFit for Android

Get Best Workout Apps Like MevoFit for iPhone


Through this particular app, one can perform workout irrespective of place and time. No matter wherever you workout either might be at home or fitness centers like gym, the app has covered various workouts helping and perform custom training programs accessed by all the expert coaches respectively.


So, therefore, try to hire one of the professional fitness trainers, carry out all the weight loss programs on the basis of your need and reach all your goal in a very short period of time. Therefore, in order to get this, tap on the below download link and start accessing right today.

Get Best Workout Apps Like Workout Trainer: Fitness Couch for Android

Get Best Workout Apps Like Workout Trainer: Fitness Couch for iPhone


In general, the sworkit is used by tons of single users to make the perfect shape and who really like to be simple and fit. Ine can greatly choose what type of workout to be used further, how long and what exactly has to to do with it. All these can be learned through this particular app only.


Features like building own custom workouts, home workout plans, weight loss programs, real personal trainer, and much more can be performed through this particular app. Therefore in order to get this wonderful app, tap on the below link.

Get the Best Workout app Bodybuilding Sworkit for Android

Get Sworkit Best Workout Apps iPhone


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iOS: The biggest gameplatform on the world

How big iOS really is as a game platform is demonstrated by figures from the blog TUAW. Look how many downloads there have been and how many people have become rich in the App Store, it seems iOS is even bigger than the Xbox or the Game Boy.

But to be honest, the graph bar isnt totally correct cause he also counted the lite versions of the game. Also mafia-style games often have multiple “apps” with achievement points available, these shouldnt be counted as well. Simultaneously this applies to the consoles that also have to deal with the same problems. Cause most on consoles are also multiplatform, such as Street Fighter 2 or Doom, there are several versions that are all roughly equal. The chart also missing the smaller console platforms, but nevertheless: the iPhone platform is huge in numbers.

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