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Forum kicks off Togel casino debate





More than 100 people gathered in St. Patrick’s Hall Tuesday for the first of five public meetings to discuss casino proposals put forth by the Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC) and Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) earlier this month.


Although officials from STC and SIGA — as well as the editor of Canadian Gaming News — touted the benefits of a casino for about 90 minutes, some Saskatonians spoke out against the proposals.


“Yes, it can be argued a casino can benefit our city, but at what costs?” asked former police chief Dave Scott.


Scott said that during his years as a police officer, he witnessed firsthand the “destructive” effects of gambling on families. He said city council must allow a plebiscite on the issue.


“Every nickel SIGA or any other gambling organization makes comes from the hand of a loser — someone who had a dream to win, but lost,” he said.


Billie Rowluck, a 33-year-old teacher, also encouraged the public to speak out against the construction of a new casino in Saskatoon.


“I don’t think this will benefit a lot of people. It will benefit a few,” he said.


Agnes Nicotine, a Saskatoon resident opposed to Togel gambling, agreed. She said that in her opinion, a casino would create more social harm than good.


“I’m just really ticked off with this,” Nicotine said. “The only people who are going to benefit is what — the ones that are (in it) for the money.”


The public meeting, sponsored by the STC and SIGA, drew several politicians, including Mayor Jim Maddin, MLA Pat Lorje and city councillors Rik Steernberg, Peter McCann, Patricia Roe and Myles Heidt.


Heidt said the Centennial Auditorium location, at 22nd Street and Pacific Avenue, is his first choice. The other proposed locations include the A.L. Cole and 25th Street sites.


“I don’t need a plebiscite to say that I think it’s best to be moved from Prairieland Exhibition and moved downtown where we can get a million and a half dollars taxation to run the city and the school boards. So that’s my issues on that,” Heidt said.


“I know a lot of people have some problems with gaming, but it’s in every corner bar that we have, the VLTs and everything else,” he said.


Lester Lafond, spokesperson for the STC on the casino issue, said the Saskatoon casino would have more than two million visitors annually, would be the single largest tourist attraction in the province, and would provide more than 700 direct jobs.


“We have not been afraid of public consultation,” he said. “We’ve put this forward so we can talk to our partners, to hear our partners out.”


Ivan Sack, editor of Canadian Gaming News, said while “there is this sort of initial nervousness” surrounding gambling, casinos benefit cities by providing jobs and economic development.


He said Canada currently has 75 casinos, with 12 more under construction.




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Arabian Horse – 2000 Years Old And Still Here

The Arabian horse is an animal which has lived on the Arabian Peninsula for well over 2000 years. These horses were properly bred to demonstrate many traits which were attractive, such as strength, beauty, and endurance. Many experts on horses have concluded that Arabian horses are among the oldest breeds in the world.

The Bedouins were a nomadic people who are given credit for first taming the Arabian horse. The Bedouins made every effort to protect the purity of these horses, and many could trace back the lineage of the horses they owned. During this time, it was critical to have a horse which was strong, fast, and courageous. It also had to be capable of surviving in the desert environment. The Bedouin tribes were constantly at war with other tribes in the region, and it was necessary to have a horse which could lead them into battle.

The Bedouins soon gained a reputation for breeding some of the most beautiful horses ever seen. Many people would trade horses with them, and they would get together and share the lineages of the horses which were traded. There are a number of different variations of Arabian horses, which are known as strains. These horses have a common ancestor and look. Some of these are Hadban, Kuhaylan, and Dahman.

The Arabian horse of one of the most well known breeds in the world. Their heads are shaped like wedges, and they have large eyes and a small muzzle. Arabian horses which have a concave shaped nose are highly prized. The neck of an Arabian horse should be arched, and their legs should be muscular and lean. Their coat should be shiny, and can be likened to silk. Despite this, Arabian horses are often not seen at the highest levels of show jumping competitions, because it does not have a good bascule compared to other breeds.

Most Arabian horses have a coat which is grey or brown, and some horses also have black coats. Arabian horses with black coats were rare, because in the desert they would absorb heat, and this would be dangerous. Because the Arabian horse is so genetically pure, it is commonly used in enhancing the characteristics of other breeds of horses. Arabian horses have a good temperament, and this also makes them attractive to breeders.

Arabian horses have been used in professional horse competitions for a long time, and Arabian horse games are being held every year in which the horses and their owners can compete with each other. Subscribe for more –



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Slot Online

Casino Fortune the leading casino in the Sunny Casinos group knows what it takes to keep their players happy and coming back for more.




Casino Fortune the leading casino in the Sunny Casinos group knows what it takes to keep their players happy and coming back for more. The company announced today that 10 Cents Roulette is now available at all their online casinos:, and This is the ideal opportunity for players to test their skills on roulette before starting to wager on a larger scale. Now all players can bet as low as 10 cents and be a winner.


The surprise does not stop there. In addition, players can now purchase a minimum of $5 at all casinos for all games using Paypal, Firepay and Neteller. Undoubtedly, Casino Fortune continues to uphold their policy of placing their customers first.     “As far as I know, no other online casino makes 10 cents bets and $5 purchases available to their players”, remarked Anand, Promotions Manager. “Soon all our games are going to be accessible to everyone, whether their pockets are deep or not. It is all about being entertained and having safe clean fun. Of course if you win a huge jackpot even better”, he added.


Where else can players go and receive the best customer service and fastest payouts without spending more than a dime? Casino Fortune intends to go all out to revolutionize online gambling, making the experience truly player friendly with something for everyone.


– About Sunny Casinos –


Casino Fortune’s mission is to provide its players with the finest Slot Online gaming experience. 6 years in the online casino business has equipped Casino Fortune with the expertise to provide round the clock customer service, lucrative sign up bonuses, player perks, big prizes and most of all fast payouts. Casino Fortune holds a permanent license in the island of Antigua and has the IGC seal of approval.


Sungold’s Wholly Owned Subsidiary Horsepower Signs Major New Marketing Partners

Mr. Louis Hop Lee has been appointed to the board of Directors of Sungold Entertainment., Orinet Gaming and and Southern Entertainments join Horsepower Broadcasting Network as Marketing partners


Vancouver, BC: June 25, 2002 ~ Sungold Entertainment Corp. (OTCBB: SGGNF, Frankfurt: WKN 608164) Sungold Entertainment Corp. (SGGNF: BB) announces the appointment of Louis Hop Lee to its Board of Directors. Born in Hong Kong, Louis Hop Lee grew up in the United States and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in Social Sciences (BA) and Hastings School of Law, University of California (JD). Mr. Lee practiced law in San Francisco. He also served as a Commissioner and President of the Civil Service Commission of San Francisco from 1979 to 1989. Recently, Mr. Lee has been based in Hong Kong, actively involved in the Asian business and corporate community. Mr. Lee served in corporate communications for Chinadotcom Corporation, a leading Internet company in Asia. Mr. Lee has been granted 150,000 incentive stock options in Sungold Entertainment Corp. exercisable at $0.20 USD per share for five years.



HORSEPOWER2・S MARKETING PARTNER has entered into a marketing agreement to represent HBN as an online marketing partner. Limited is a leading game service provider/operator in the vibrant Hong Kong online games market, where it has a subscriber base in excess of 250,000 Hong Kong residents. Limited provides both proprietary games and those licensed from third party sources.




Orient Gaming has entered into an agreement to act as an online marketing partner for HBN. Orient Gaming operates Chinese, Asia・s largest casino gaming portal. Orient Gaming・s Managing Director Ted Loh founded in 2000. Mr. Loh has 20 years・ marketing experience in the Asian region. Today, Ted is one of Asia・s leading industry analysts.





Southern Entertainments has entered into an agreement to act as an online marketing partner with HBN. Southern Entertainments owns and operates a chain of Internet cafes in Johannesburg, South Africa.


About Sungold Entertainment

Sungold is a public corporation trading under the stock symbol OTC BB: SGGNF Sungold controls the North American and International Internet right, title and interest in the Horsepower2 animated, equal chance, wagering based, virtual horseracing system.




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You’ve joined a network marketing business and you’ve exhausted your initial leads of family and friends. What next? What do you do when you have exhausted your list of leads?

Here are several of the top lead generating methods used by expert home business entrepreneurs:

1) Create a Newsletter

A promise of quality and helpful information sent directly to you on a regular basis is a tempting offer for most home business seekers. Create your own newsletter. You don’t even have to write all the content because you can use other authors articles with permission. This way you won’t have to spend all your time writing articles for your newsletter. Make sure you provide helpful information about your business in each newsletter issue. But don’t advertise prominently or your readers will think your newsletter is just an ad.

2) Offer Free Content

Create a web site that not only has information about your home business and services, but also provide information and content that people search for, such as articles, free software, free tools, and business and marketing tips and resources. A lot of people who end up in network marketing do so by accident. They came across an opportunity while searching for other similar information.

3) Provide a Free ebook or Report

Once you start drawing visitors to your website with free information and content, you will need their information so you can follow up. You’ve already attracted them to your site. You now need to lead them further by offering them a free ebook, e-course or report. Using a signup form, the visitors will be required to provide their contact information in order to receive the freebie. Once you have the contact information, you have free leads!

4) Purchase Quality Leads

The easiest way to get leads is to purchase a leads list. This works well if you have a good lead source. The leads that you purchase must be people who have expressed an interest in getting home business information; otherwise, you will waist your money. Also, you could be accused of sending unsolicited email if the lead sources is not reputable. I have found the most quality lead source to be Leadersclub.

5) Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Your Business

Never pass up an opportunity to communicate about your home business. An example would be to give a presentation on starting a home business to local groups, schools, organizations, etc. Become an expert by talking about business and marketing related subjects often. When people find out what you do, they will most likely be interested if they feel that you have experience in home based businesses. Save your sales pitch for one-on-one conversations with prospects who contact you later. Online Inquiry here –

6) Rank High in Search Engines

Use pay-per-click search engines to their full potential by choosing keywords that will get you ranked high. Don’t just focus on keywords about your home business, but use keywords that will attract people who want to sign up for your newsletter or take advantage of the free content on your site. Then you can let your newsletter and content do the selling.


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Blackjack Rules and Togel Singapore

Togel Singapore


Blackjack is a card game where the object for the player is to get a total as close to 21 as possible without going over, while competing against the dealer who is also trying to get 21. Whoever has the higher total wins. The player is initially dealt 2 cards, and the player also sees one of the dealer’s cards. The player then decides based upon his total and the dealer’s card whether or not to take additional cards to reach a value closer to 21. After the player is done, the dealer then does the same according to a set of house rules which will be described below.

Playing The Game

Different online casinos play Blackjack with different rules conerning the number of decks and shuffling. Some online casinos play with a single deck, and some play with up to as many as 6 decks. Some online casinos shuffle the deck(s) after each hand to eliminate all card counting strategies, while some allow a certain amount of penetration to occur before shuffling. Penetration is a percentage number of the cards that have been put into play before shuffling occurs. For example, if a casino allows 33% penetration, they do not shuffle the cards until a third of the cards from the deck(s) have been dealt out in hands to the player or dealer.


Initially, 2 cards are dealt to the player, who also sees one of the dealer’s cards. In most games, the dealer takes a 2nd card as well, called a hole card, that the player cannot see. If the player has a 2 card total of 21, this is called a Blackjack or a Natural. This is an automatic winner for the player, and pays at 3:2 odds. If the dealer also has a Blackjack, the hand is a push, meaning a tie and no money is won or lost. In many Blackjack games, the dealer will “peak” at his hole card and turn up his Blackjack immediately, but not in all.


The card values are as follows. 2-10’s are counted as their face value, 2=2, 3=3, etc. Face cards, Jacks, Queens, and Kings also have a value of 10. Aces may count as either a 1 or 11. When the player is using the Ace as a value of 11, his total is referred to as a soft total. When he counts the Ace as a 1, his total is referred to as a hard total. For example, a hand of Ace, 6 equals a soft 17. The player may risk taking another card to better his hand because he can revert to the Ace being a 1 value so he doesn’t go over 21. Hence the name soft.


After the Togel Singapore player gets his intial 2 cards, he has several options. They are to hit or stand, and also depending on the cards, he may also have doubling or splitting options. When the player hits, this means he asks for another card to better his hand total to get closer to 21. The player is risking getting a better total against going over 21 which is an automatic loser. If the player choses to stand, this means that he is going to not take any more cards, but instead stay at his current total to try and beat the dealer.


Before we go into the rules for doubling or splitting, let us first explain the rules for the dealer concerning when he can hit or stand. If the dealer totals 17 or above, he must stand on that total. Below 17, the dealer must continue to hit to try to improve his total to something 17 or higher. Some casinos, online and in real life, require the dealer to hit on a soft 17. Regardless of the total the player has, the dealer must play this way. For example, if the player has a total of 19, and the dealer has a total of 18, the dealer cannot try to hit to improve his hand.


Doubling and splitting are two additional options the player has. Doubling means you double your initial bet, in return for 1, and only 1 additional card. Your hand is now done to play against what happens with the dealers hand. Some casinos only allow you to double on certain totals, 9,10, or 11 for example. These are the totals you often want to double down on, as you are betting the odds are you will receive one of the more common 10 value card to form a strong total of 19,20, or 21 for example.


Splitting is allowed when you are dealt identical value cards. Casinos have different rules concerning splitting unlike 10 value cards, a jack and a queen for example. However, with the 2 card total being 20, the proper strategy is to stand anyways. When you choose to split, your cards are split to form 2 different hands that will be played, and an additional bet is placed to play the 2nd hand. Often times split aces receive only one additional card per hand. Casinos also have different rules concerning if pairs can be resplit if you receive an identical value card after you split. They also have differing rules effecting whether or not the player is allowed to double down on his hands after he splits.


There are 2 more additional options for the player that we haven’t discussed. Those are Insurance and Surrender. Surrender entails not playing the hand dealt to you, and in return losing half your bet. The more common type of Surrender is only allowed after the dealer has checked that he does not have a Blackjack. This is sometimes called Late Surrender. Early Surrender is when the player is allowed to surrender before the dealer checks to see if he has a Blackjack. Both versions are rare today in casinos.


Insurance is an option when the dealer is showing an Ace. The player is essentialy allowed to place one half of his original bet on the dealer having a Blackjack. If the dealer does have a Blackjack, the player is paid 2:1 on his Insurance bet, but loses his initial bet. This turns out to be a push as no money is won or lost for the player.



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Main features of the Mazda Biante

Cabin space

Development focused on attaining ‘space,’ ‘functionality’ and ‘cleanliness.’ The aim was to achieve top class comfort and an exciting experience for all of the occupants. More info here –



– The Biante has the most spacious interior in its class, with best-in-class cabin length (2,990 mm) and width (1,545 mm) as well as one of the tallest cabins (1,350 mm) in its segment. The spacious and open impression is emphasized by expansive side windows with low sills and large triangular A-pillar windows.

– By lowering the hip point of the front seats and raising the rear seats, and through use of compact saddle-type headrests for the second and third rows, the wide-open feeling is preserved even when there are many passengers.

– By sliding both the second and third rows of seats to their most rearward positions, second row passengers are afforded an impressive 863 mm of leg room. This ‘living mode’ arrangement creates an even greater sense of openness.


– The dual sliding doors have the widest aperture in the Biante’s vehicle class (according to Mazda’s assessment). Combined with one of the lowest floors available, access to the rear seats couldn’t be easier. For the first time, Mazda is offering power sliding doors with a touch sensor to prevent them from closing if anything is obstructing the opening (power sliding doors are standard on the 20S and available as a factory-installed option on other grades).

– The arrangement of the rear seats is extremely flexible. Options include ‘living mode’ for maximum leg room, ‘walkthrough mode’ for easy access to the third row seats (by splitting the second row seats and sliding them to either side), and a choice of luggage modes to match the size and shape of various cargos. For maximum convenience when rearranging the seats, levers are provided on both the front and back of the seats.

– The third row seat is a bench-type design which can be flipped up or down. This allows the cushion to be thicker and more comfortable than on a split seat. Other benefits of the full-width seat are greater rear visibility and more under-seat storage space.


– The Biante comes equipped with a nanoe*2 ion generator that neutralizes bacteria, odors and allergens such as pollen. The ions are blown from the driver’s seat air conditioner vent to deodorize the cabin air (standard on four-wheel-drive (4WD) models, available as a factory-installed option on FWD models).

– The fully automatic air conditioner features an Alleru [Allergy] Buster*3 filter to remove allergens and viruses (standard on 4WD models, available as a factory-installed option on FWD models).

– The deodorizer mounted on the cabin ceiling absorbs and neutralizes tobacco, adhesive and other unwelcome odors. It has an extended lifecyle and does not require periodic replacement (standard on 4WD models, available as a factory-installed option on FWD models).

– The Biante’s ‘Cleanable seats’ are upholstered with easy-wipe fabric to prevent stains in the event of spillages (standard on the 23S and 20S grades).

– Anti-bacterial deodorizing seat covers, anti-bacterial deodorizing and waterproof seat back baskets, and deodorizing floor mats are available as dealer-installed options.



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A Freshwater Aquarium for the Smaller Home

Space limitation is hardly an issue when it comes to considering ownership of a freshwater aquarium. Mini aquariums are on the rise in popularity due to their small size and their relatively small monetary outlay. (Read: way cheaper than that tank you see at your dentist’s office!) As always, do weigh the pros and cons before running out and buying anything.

The advantages of keeping a small aquarium are many. Obviously the convenience of the size is number one. Aquariums are something you can enjoy in a small apartment or a college dormitory. Most landlords will not even count small aquariums as pets! The miniature aquariums tend to be lower maintenance. Since less fish can be kept in a smaller tank, less waste is produced. When you do have to tidy up your aquarium, it will be much easier than cleaning a 20-gallon tank.

Hold on to your seat-nothing is so easy! There are disadvantages to having a smaller tank as well. Less waste might be produced, but you will still have to clean the tank and change water often. Because there is less space the waste will accumulate more quickly than in a regular-sized tank. Additionally in a small tank, problems tend to occur faster. Water temperature and chemistry can change in a matter of hours. Guard your scaly friends against swift and dangerous changes by monitoring the aquarium frequently. A final disadvantage is that you can not keep many fish in a small aquarium. In their natural environment fish have tons of space in which to swim and frolic, plants to hide in, and bounties of food. You can not provide much space in a small aquarium. Less fish equals less fun!

Still, even with all the disadvantages, having a fish or two in a small aquarium is still worth it -and if you are smart about it, easier to keep. There are just a handful of things to keep in mind when shopping for a teensy tiny aquarium.

In terms of size, you really should not shoot for smaller than two gallons. Many people have puny tanks for Bettas that could fit in a shoe. They work, but chances are those Bettas do not reach their full potential in terms of beauty. Buy a two-gallon bowl or tank at the minimum. Next, it does not matter how often you plan on changing the water for your one or two fish, you need a filter. It really is a necessity for any aquarium. Clean water equals healthy fish equals gorgeous aquarium. You may need a heater for more tropical fish. Also, stay away from mini aquariums that are sold as “closed” or “no-maintenance” aquariums. Examples of these are “Betta-Dome,” “Do-Little,” and “Omnarium.” There is no such thing as a no-maintenance tank. These are dangerous environments for fish and they will die quickly. Subscribe here for more info –

Aquarium veterans recommend a handful of fish that are perfect for smaller aquariums. One is the Bloodfin Tetra. Bloodfins are tolerant of colder water temperatures and best if kept in a school. Guppies are another popular vote for tiny tanks due to their smallness and tolerance for colder temperatures. Platy are adaptable and attractive. White Clouds and Zebra Danios are great due to their hardiness and ability to live in colder water. If you get fish that are adaptable to most living conditions and do not require a heater, all should go well.

Just like larger freshwater aquariums, their smaller cousins still require some knowledge of fish species and general maintenance issues. Small or large, if you invest the time in learning about freshwater aquariums, you will certainly reap the benefits.


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The Ford display at the event North American International Auto Show is more than 54,000 square feet, 48 percent bigger than last year, making it the largest Ford stand ever

Additional space will be used to showcase 24 interactive displays, engaging consumers in experiential and educational exercises that demonstrate Ford’s technologies and innovations

Ford will conduct live driving demonstrations of its Active Park Assist (APA) technology inside Cobo Center using hybrid vehicles

During the show, Ford executives around the world will participate in NAIAS’s first-ever social media press conference, with 12 hours of live Twitter Q&As, Live Stream Interviews, Facebook Wall chats and blogger interviews

In 2020, Ford auto shows alone generated a record 125,000 leads, 22,000 test drives and more than 2,000 sales

Ford Motor Company’s stand at the event North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) promises to be the biggest and most engaging in history, with more than 54,000 square feet of new vehicle displays, 24 all-new interactive displays and a variety of high-tech presentations including live driving demonstrations inside Cobo Center.

The auto shows held throughout the year – beginning with NAIAS in Detroit – are an important way for Ford to communicate with consumers about new Ford, Lincoln and Mercury products and technologies. Last year’s Ford display generated more than 125,000 consumer leads, 22,000 actual test drives and 2,020 vehicle sales to date.

“Allowing consumers to interact with our products in an engaging and experiential way is a very effective way to demonstrate the strength of our products,” said Jim Farley, group vice president of Global Marketing and Canada, Mexico and South America operations. “There’s no better venue than an auto show to demonstrate our advanced technology and products at a critical point in the buying process for many attendees.”

One of the highlights of this year’s Ford show stand – which is 48 percent larger than last year’s – will be live driving demonstrations of Ford’s new Active Park Assist (APA) technology, which helps drivers parallel park a vehicle with the touch of a button and without ever laying a hand on the steering wheel. Subscribe our newsletter here –

“Ford will offer auto show visitors the opportunity to participate in an actual driving experience,” said John Felice, general manager, Ford, Lincoln-Mercury marketing. “Our advanced hybrid technology allows us to demonstrate these vehicles in battery only mode which eliminates all vehicle emissions. This gives us yet another opportunity to provide an experience that is more engaging than a static display.”

Also for the first time ever at NAIAS, Ford executives from around the world will host a social media press conference on Jan. 11, which will include 12 hours of continuous live social media activities on Twitter Q&As, Live Stream Interviews, Facebook Wall chats and blogger interviews.

More new vehicles, interactive displays

At NAIAS, Ford Motor Company will display 60 new Ford cars and trucks and 21 new Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. A new powertrain display includes two assembly-line robots from the Cleveland Engine Plant, named Eco and Boost, where the company’s new EcoBoost engines are built.

Ford’s entire new car portfolio will be on display inside the floor’s Blue Oval – everything from the new Ford Fiesta to the company’s flagship sedan, the Ford Taurus.

Visitors to the Fiesta area can take a break and play Foosball on one of the world’s largest Foosball tables, Twitter their reactions to Fiesta, and learn about the 15 class-leading exclusive features that put Fiesta head and shoulders above competitors in the B segment. A Taurus SHO in-car theater will take visitors for a ride through both the tame and wild sides of Taurus SHO.

Taking center stage in the Ford display will be the next-generation Ford Focus, where visitors can learn about the agility and precision of Focus’s driving dynamics by playing the Control Blade Challenge, which is like a Wii game. Touch-screen digital displays explain Focus technologies and allow visitors to integrate their pictures into a virtual world and e-mail it to themselves. There also will be special zones for Ford crossovers and trucks and specially built areas for the Ford Mustang, Taurus, Fiesta, Fusion, Transit Connect and Super Duty.

The latest entry in the Lincoln lineup – the 2021 MKX – will launch at NAIAS, too. Lincoln will present an attention-getting cutaway of the vehicle to demonstrate the class-leading technology, safety and luxury features, including the industry exclusive MyLincoln Touch™.

To demonstrate this advanced feature, a one-of-a-kind 16 x 3-foot interactive table will take visitors on a journey through Lincoln’s thoughtful, purposeful technology; with the new MyLincoln Touch seamlessly integrated into the experience.

“The Ford auto show display is proof that Ford is launching more product than any other manufacturer,” said Farley. “In Event, Ford globally will deliver five times more new or freshened product than even 2020, bringing to market an unprecedented volume of new products people want – with class-leading fuel economy, quality, safety and technology.”


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Winning 7 Stud Play: First Three Togel Cards


There’s no question about it. The most important decision you will make in 7-Card Stud will be whether to call, fold or raise on the first three cards. Let’s keep it simple to start.

In general, especially at the lower stakes tables, you want to stay ONLY if you have one of the following starting hands: Trips, a Pair, Three to a Flush, or Three to a Straight. You will not stay with these hands automatically. And there are other hands that you can play depending on the type of game you’re in, your position, your table image, and your opponents. But in general, these are your only playable hands.

For purposes of keeping it short, I’m not going to go into a lot of detail. But stay with me and you’ll end up with a good basic strategy for playing your first three cards.

TRIPS: Don’t worry too much about them. You’ll get them rarely and they’ll usually win regardless of how you play them. Usually play them slow to entice others into the pot that you can reasonably expect to win. But to maximize your win play them fast if you’re reasonably sure that at least one of your opponents will not give you credit for them and will call you down. This is usually the case if others are already in the hand when you raise, and often the case if you have a high card showing. You will succeed in two ways by raising in these instances (rather than just calling). You’ll get more money into a pot you expect to win. And you’ll make the pot large enough early on to justify calls from your opponents. Since you will improve to a full house or better about half the time, even if they improve to straights and flushes, you expect to improve enough to WANT them to attempt these draws.

PAIRS: Premium Pairs (10s or better) warrant a raise from any position most of the time and a reraise if you judge yourself to be the highest pair. So if a Queen raises and you have Kings, reraise. You want to knock out other players who might be tempted to call with borderline hands for just the bring in. Don’t let them. Shut them out with a raise or reraise, lest they draw to move ahead of you and beat you. Generally, call if you have a Premium Togel Pair which may not be the highest Premium pair. Though if you’re sure you’re second best, you are better off folding. Knowledge of your opponents helps here in determining where you stand. Sometimes when an Ace raises, they really have a low pair with an Ace kicker. So you wouldn’t want to fold your Queens here. But other times, when an Ace raises you’re sure he really has Aces. In those instances it makes sense to fold your Kings and not chase.

Middle and low pairs can be played profitably depending on your position, your kicker, and a few other considerations. If the game has a high ante structure relative to your initial bet ($15/30 with a $2 ante and $5 force bet for example) you often should raise with a low pair if you think it will get you heads up with the higher pair, especially if you have a kicker higher than his pair…and even more so if there is a good chance that the high card that raised might have been attempting an ante steal. If you have two suited cards this is an extra reason to make this play. If the raiser might throw away his hand to your reraise this is another extra reason to make this play. Middle and low pairs can also be played if the game is very loose, a number of players are already in, you don’t expect anyone else to reraise, and your cards are completely live. So if a King raises, you have a 5 showing with a 5 and Ace in the hole (two suited) and there are five callers to you with a very passive player and a passive bring in after you can call the raise. But don’t fall into the trap of always calling with under pairs, hoping that you’ll improve to beat the higher pair. Down that road lies poker ruin!

3-FLUSHES: In a loose game, all are playable if they are live. So if you expect the hand to be four-way or better on Fourth Street, call if you see only one or two of your suit out. Three out and you fold no matter how loose the game. In a tight game, where the hands are seldom more than heads up, fold 3-flushes unless you have at least two Premium cards that are live and your flush is especially live (no more than one suited card out). And if you’re in a tight game and against just one tight player who rarely raises without at least a Premium Pair, you should fold all three flushes.

3-STRAIGHTS: Play them even less often than 3-Flushes. In a loose game, if you expect at least four or more of you to see Fourth Street go ahead and call a raise if your primary and secondary straight cards are fairly live (no primary cards out and only one secondary card out. If you hold 8-9-10 the Jack and 7 are primary straight cards, the 6 and Queen are secondary straight cards.) Higher 3-Straights are better than lower 3-Straights primarily because they can improve to Premium Pairs on Fourth Street.. Be more inclined to fold 3-4-5 than 10-Jack-Queen. Similarly, completely open 3-Straights are better than gutshot or restricted 3-Straights. 4-5-6 is better than 2-3-4, 4-6-7, or A-2-3.

If the game is very loose and very passive you can also play hands that have three high cards and two suited high cards. But don’t go crazy with this. I’d seldom play them if the bring-in were raised. If the game is very tight, on the other hand, you can raise with these hands as an ante steal. In fact, if you are against a very aggressive and tight player and your image is very tight you can occasionally resteal the pot by reraising with these hands. Again, don’t make a habit of it. But if a Queen raises a bring-in after three or four folds, and you are last to act with a King up, a suited Ace in the hole and a blank, you can occasionally reraise this hand and pick up the pot, representing a pair of Queens. I’ve seen players who figured to steal the pot with nothing fold to the reraise and even players with a pair of Queens fold, presuming incorrectly that the only way I would raise would be with a pair of Kings.


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Cara Menang Di Strategi dan Tips Slot 2021

slot online

Pertanyaan yang lebih dari satu pemain tanyakan pada dirinya sendiri sepanjang hidupnya adalah bagaimana cara menang di slot. Andai saja ada strategi ajaib yang bisa kami bagikan kepada Anda, bukan? Sayangnya, tidak ada. Tidak ada cara pasti untuk menang dengan bermain slot online setiap saat. Namun, kami memiliki ide yang lebih baik untuk bermain dengan pada kasino online. Jadi, buat diri Anda nyaman, buatlah secangkir kopi untuk diri sendiri karena hari ini kami akan mengajari Anda beberapa tips dan trik tentang kasino online yang dapat membantu Anda meningkatkan peluang memenangkan uang dengan bermain di kasino.

  1. Pilih slot online dengan return to player (RTP) tertinggi

Seperti yang telah kami sebutkan, kami tidak dapat memberi tahu Anda cara menang di slot buah, namun, yang dapat kami lakukan adalah menunjukkan kepada Anda game mana yang memiliki tingkat pembayaran lebih tinggi daripada yang lain. Jadi ketika Anda bertanya-tanya bagaimana cara mengalahkan mesin slot, ini akan menjadi tip pertama kami. Semua mesin slot memiliki RTP, yang merupakan persentase teoretis yang diharapkan bahwa permainan tertentu di halaman web kasino membayar Anda selama masa pakainya. Ini juga membantu Anda menentukan apa keunggulan kasino. Apa pun yang lebih dari 97% sudah cukup, karena permainan ini akan membayar Anda lebih banyak dalam jangka waktu yang lama.

  1. Jenis mesin slot

Hal selanjutnya yang dapat Anda lakukan adalah melakukan riset sendiri tentang slot online terbaik, berdasarkan jenisnya. Jika Anda pernah bertanya-tanya berapa banyak jenisnya, blog kami tentang jenis mesin slot akan membantu Anda. Yang paling mungkin Anda temui adalah jenis mesin game berikut, diklasifikasikan berdasarkan kategorinya:

  • Berdasarkan pemutaran (klasik, video, atau progresif)
  • Dengan lokasi bermain (slot fisik vs. slot online)
  • Dengan denominasi mata uang
  • Berdasarkan jumlah gulungan dan garis pembayaran
  • Berdasarkan jenisnya (mesin kelas II atau mesin kelas III)
  • Dengan RTP (Pengembalian Pembayaran Teoretis)

Ada beberapa jenis mesin slot yang dapat Anda coba – slot klasik, video, atau progresif dan sangat penting untuk memahami cara kerjanya dan apa yang dapat Anda harapkan darinya. Setelah Anda mengetahui mana yang Anda suka, atur taruhan Anda dengan hati-hati, pilih jumlah paylines, jika memungkinkan, dan perhatikan volatilitas slot dan RTP permainan.

  1. Perhatikan baik-baik tabel dan garis pembayaran mesin slot

Bagian penting dari setiap sesi permainan adalah memeriksa tabel pembayaran, terutama jika itu adalah kesempatan untuk memicu beberapa putaran bonus yang bagus atau putaran gratis. Karena jika Anda tidak memeriksa tabel pembayaran, bagaimana lagi Anda akan tahu cara mengaktifkannya? Oleh karena itu, seperti yang telah kami sebutkan, tabel pembayaran tidak dapat membantu Anda membuat kombo yang menang, tetapi dapat memandu Anda ke arah yang benar.

Pertama-tama, dengan memeriksa tabel pembayaran, Anda akan memahami perbedaan antara simbol pembayaran tinggi dan pembayaran rendah. Ini bisa sangat menegangkan mencoba mencari tahu sesuatu jika Anda belum memeriksa tabel pembayaran sebelumnya, bukan? Jika Anda memilikinya, tetapi Anda memiliki beberapa keraguan, jangan khawatir, Anda dapat membuka tabel pembayaran kapan saja untuk referensi silang keuntungan dan kerugian Anda.

Hal lain yang harus Anda perhatikan adalah jumlah paylines yang dimiliki oleh slot yang Anda pilih. Anda bertanya-tanya mengapa. Nah, untuk menang, Anda harus membuat simbol yang cocok mendarat di garis pembayaran. Garis pembayaran mesin slot dapat berkisar dari 1 hingga 1024 atau lebih. Nah, untuk mendapatkan potensi keuntungan yang sebesar-besarnya, tentunya Anda harus bermain dengan semua paylines yang aktif. Jika Anda tidak mengaktifkannya, tidak ada yang terjadi, tetapi ingat bahwa jika Anda bermain dengan jumlah paylines yang berkurang, simbol slot tidak akan membayar jika mereka mendarat di paylines yang tidak aktif.

  1. Evaluasi volatilitas mesin slot

Nah, tip pertama tentang slot yang sudah Anda miliki, tetapi kami memiliki banyak lagi untuk dibagikan kepada Anda. Menang di slot terbaik juga dapat bergantung pada variasinya. Tapi apa yang dimaksud dengan volatilitas? Tenang, kami menjelaskan semuanya di blog kami tentang cara memilih variasi mesin slot, namun kami akan mengulasnya di sini juga.

Anda mungkin tahu istilah ini sebagai variasi, tetapi keduanya memiliki arti yang persis sama dan setiap pemain akan memiliki “variasinya sendiri” yang ingin ia mainkan. Memilih volatilitas yang tepat dapat menjadi penting dalam pencarian Anda untuk jawaban tentang cara mengalahkan mesin slot. Sekarang secara sederhana, volatilitas slot memberi tahu Anda seberapa sering permainan akan membayar.

  1. Belajar mengatur batas taruhan Anda sendiri

Sebelum kita masuk ke taruhan maksimal, mari luangkan waktu sejenak untuk membahas bagaimana Anda dapat membatasi taruhan Anda sehingga semuanya tidak lepas kendali.

Ada beberapa alat yang disediakan oleh otoritas perjudian yang akan membantu Anda mengontrol jumlah waktu dan uang yang Anda habiskan saat bermain slot online favorit Anda dan permainan kasino lainnya. Artinya, Anda dapat menetapkan batas berapa lama Anda ingin bermain dan jumlah uang yang ingin Anda pertaruhkan.

  1. Keuntungan Taruhan Maksimal

Memahami bagaimana aturan taruhan bekerja sangat membantu karena Anda dapat menggunakannya untuk keuntungan Anda setiap kali Anda bermain.

Setiap kali Anda bermain, selalu periksa aturan taruhan maksimum sehingga Anda dapat menggunakannya untuk keuntungan Anda. Setiap kasino akan memiliki Aturan Taruhan Maks yang terdaftar saat Anda memiliki bonus aktif. Oleh karena itu, setiap kali menerima bonus, Anda harus memeriksa berapa taruhan maksimum di kasino tempat Anda bermain. Karena setiap kasino berbeda, Anda perlu melakukan verifikasi setiap kali Anda bermain. Mungkin perlu beberapa saat untuk melakukan ini, tetapi itu dapat merusak penghasilan Anda dalam jangka panjang jika Anda tidak melakukannya.

Pada dasarnya yang dimaksud dengan aturan ini adalah Anda tidak diperbolehkan bertaruh pada jumlah tertentu dalam satu putaran atau bertaruh ketika Anda memiliki bonus aktif di akun Anda. Salah satu jumlah taruhan maksimum yang paling umum adalah € 5. Ini berarti Anda harus memasang taruhan di bawah € 5 hingga persyaratan taruhan belum terpenuhi. Setelah rollover diatur ulang, sebagian besar kasino tidak lagi menerapkan aturan taruhan maksimum.

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