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    You’ve joined a network marketing business and you’ve exhausted your initial leads of family and friends. What next? What do you do when you have exhausted your list of leads?

    Here are several of the top lead generating methods used by expert home business entrepreneurs:

    1) Create a Newsletter

    A promise of quality and helpful information sent directly to you on a regular basis is a tempting offer for most home business seekers. Create your own newsletter. You don’t even have to write all the content because you can use other authors articles with permission. This way you won’t have to spend all your time writing articles for your newsletter. Make sure you provide helpful information about your business in each newsletter issue. But don’t advertise prominently or your readers will think your newsletter is just an ad.

    2) Offer Free Content

    Create a web site that not only has information about your home business and services, but also provide information and content that people search for, such as articles, free software, free tools, and business and marketing tips and resources. A lot of people who end up in network marketing do so by accident. They came across an opportunity while searching for other similar information.

    3) Provide a Free ebook or Report

    Once you start drawing visitors to your website with free information and content, you will need their information so you can follow up. You’ve already attracted them to your site. You now need to lead them further by offering them a free ebook, e-course or report. Using a signup form, the visitors will be required to provide their contact information in order to receive the freebie. Once you have the contact information, you have free leads!

    4) Purchase Quality Leads

    The easiest way to get leads is to purchase a leads list. This works well if you have a good lead source. The leads that you purchase must be people who have expressed an interest in getting home business information; otherwise, you will waist your money. Also, you could be accused of sending unsolicited email if the lead sources is not reputable. I have found the most quality lead source to be Leadersclub.

    5) Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Your Business

    Never pass up an opportunity to communicate about your home business. An example would be to give a presentation on starting a home business to local groups, schools, organizations, etc. Become an expert by talking about business and marketing related subjects often. When people find out what you do, they will most likely be interested if they feel that you have experience in home based businesses. Save your sales pitch for one-on-one conversations with prospects who contact you later. Online Inquiry here –

    6) Rank High in Search Engines

    Use pay-per-click search engines to their full potential by choosing keywords that will get you ranked high. Don’t just focus on keywords about your home business, but use keywords that will attract people who want to sign up for your newsletter or take advantage of the free content on your site. Then you can let your newsletter and content do the selling.


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